At the end of last April a minor mystery surfaced among the stories swirling around the White House:

Where was the oak tree* that President Macron from France had gifted to our capitol lawn?

Symbolizing the sacrifice of US troops during WWI, the oak was also supposed to represent the strength of the France—US bond.

Presidents of both countries both took up shovels to plant this emblem of alliance.

Then over the following weekend….it went missing!

All that was left of this ceremony was a yellowed patch of turf.

Was this a diplomatic disaster? C’est terrible!


As it turned out, our fears were quickly allayed by the groundskeeper that all was well.

It is a practice for all new imported plants to be first placed into quarantine. 

This is to prevent the spread of new diseases.

The gift will soon be replanted in the south lawn in the hole that awaits it.

The little sapling will soon take its place among other gifted trees including another oak planted by President Eisenhower.


Grow strong young one.


*The tree comes from the site of the Battle of Belleau Wood in France where almost 2000 US troops had died while battling the Germans.

("Macron’s Gift Tree Gone From White House Lawn. Ambassador Says It’s In Quarantine."

 30April2018  Bill Chappell from NPR)