Part I


At this point in time I’m going to assume that you’ve already made that “leap of faith” to becoming an indexer (see Newbie Reflections) and have thoroughly outfitted your office/ office space so that that leap won’t land you flat on your face (see A Newbie Gets Organized).

You are ready to do business. (A list had followed here. Let us add to that list now).


 Part II


Before we continue on this list it is time that you make some more decisions that will influence how your business will be seen by potential clients. After deciding on your business name you might want to consider some of the following: (A list had followed here. Let us add more to our list).


Part III


And now you are ready to continue with your checklist: (A list had followed here. Let us add more to our list).


Part IV


Everything checked? Now you are ready to go forth and conquer: (A list had followed here. Let us add more to our list).


Part V


What? You have some free time? Here are a few ways to fill it:

       Exercise—Yep, that extra O2 to the brain cells may actually help you work better. It certainly will make you feel better.

       Pet a Cat or Dog—Still not kidding. Petting your favorite furry friend has been shown to reduce one’s stress levels which must help one work better.

       Read—Catch-up on all the reading you need to do in order to run a business and improve your indexing skills.

       Practice—Your indexing software is very complex. There must be something you don’t know or have forgotten how to do. How about all those keyboard shortcuts?

       Research—Look up additional resources you can use (on the web or in books) that can help you index generally (e.g. a thesaurus) or specifically (e.g. a culinary dictionary).

       Practice More—Besides your indexing software there are undoubtedly other programs that you use in your business life such as Quicken, Word, or Adobe Acrobat Pro that you could learn better.

       Index—Write indexes for the type of work you would like to index but just haven’t yet. So when a potential client asks you to index this new and exciting________(insert type of text here e.g. cookbooks), you can confidently say “thank you” and know that you can do it. A bonus here is that you might be able to save and reuse the main entries and subentries of these indexes as controlled vocabularies for subsequent indexes.

       Break—And, of course, you can always use a work break to just take a breather. Play music. Talk to friends. Watch a movie. Revel in your free time! For now you know that you are a pro!



This is the last article in the Newbie series. If you managed to wade through any of the previous ones, thank you for your patience. I had fun writing them and hope you got something from them as well.





       (Courtesy of Key Words)                                                                                     11 December 2016


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