Adding Fuel to the “Fire”


January 5 (2018) saw the release of hotly anticipated and hotly debated book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury.” Just in case you are one of the rare people in the US who has not heard of it, I will simply state that it is a behind-the-scene look at the White House.

Varied and prolific were the responses to it. My favorite I found in The Washington Post. Philip Bump wrote an article concerning the book’s index and what that said about the importance of the cast of characters within the administration. Bump asserts that the index does not provide a power ranking but is “probably best understood as an analysis of how Stephen K. Bannon conveyed the power structures within the West Wing…. Nonetheless, Wolff’s index does provide an approximate overview of the importance of people and issues with the Trump administration….”

So how did this ranking go:

1—D. Trump

2—S. Bannon

3—J. Kushner

5—I. Trump

7—B. Obama

14—H. Clinton

If your curiosity has still to be satisfied, you are in luck. If you go to the WP article they provide a search box where you can type in a term for which they provide its ranking in the index (as far as how many pages that term is found on).

You can find that search box at the WP website here:


You can see the entire index for yourself at Amazon (p.s. It is not the book on WWII or dragons):




“Determining the power centers of Trump’s White House—by appearances in ‘Fire and Fury’” by Philip Bump of the Washington Post 1/8/18