I love old books. And I love old folk tales. So when I came upon this slim, bespeckled volume I had to take it home with me. It was a charming children's story where the main character and narrator was an old, wise oak.

Here is a small excerpt:


From The Story of an Old Oak Tree, told by himself.

C. Fancourt    1896

British Library, Historical Print Editions


          ‘Certainly, it may appear strange to you,’ said the oak more politely; ‘but allow me to explain myself.  I’m a great, great, ever so many great, grandfathers,’ he went on.  ‘My offspring are scattered in many lands:  some have gone to Africa, some to America, and some to India.  Between us the strong wind and the soft breeze carry messages, so that whenever I feel that I am in want of a talk with either of them, I speak softly to the breeze, and the breeze carries it across the sea to where I want it to go.  I, alas! Cannot go to them, or they come to me; but we are in constant communication with each other, although distant.’


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